Open projects 2021

Open projects 2021

February 15, 2021

The following projects were offered within the graduate school this year. You will find project description by clicking on the name of the PIs. Some projects may still be available for individual applications.


Frederic Bertels

  • Explaining REPIN distribution across bacterial strains
  • Environmental trade-offs of phage infection

Julien Dutheil

  • The evolution of stochastic gene expression
  • New methods for inferring the rate of recombination along genomes

Jenna Gallie

  • The evolution of bacterial tRNA primary sequences

Chaitanya Gokhale

  • Eco-evolutionary tuning of biological clocks
  • Eco-eco-evolutionary agriculture
  • Co-evolutionary dynamics in the light of extended evolutionary synthesis
  • Theoretical Models of Synthetic Biology

Anja Guenther

  • Proximate mechanisms of phenotypic differentiation on high versus standard quality diet

Bernhard Haubold

  • Fast Multiple Sequence Alignment

Christian Hilbe

  • Modeling the coevolution of reciprocity and network structure

Tobias Kaiser

  • 1 midge, 2 clocks and 400 genomes

Marketa Kaucka Petersen

  • The genetic and developmental basis of face formation & the evolution of facial diversity

    • Spatio-temporal (4D) mapping of the signaling centers inducing the skull formation
    • The effect of non-coding DNA sequences on the evolution of facial shapes
    • Evolution of gene regulatory networks driving the skeletogenesis
    • Ex vivo/embryoid-based methods as a flexible system to study the head formation

Javier Lopez Garrido

  • Dissecting the role of metabolism in cellular differentiation

Paul Rainey

Various research themes in evolutionary biology including evolutionary cell biology, evolutionary genetics, eco-evolutionary dynamics, microbial communities and major evolutionary transitions.

Hildegard Uecker

  • Population genetics models of rapid adaptation to environmental change


Matthias Leippe

  • Digestive function, gastric pH, and their role in metazoan evolution

Dietrich Ober

  • Repeated evolution of a plant defense strategy – insights in the evolutionary machinery

Hinrich Schulenburg

  • Evolutionary medicine of antibiotic resistance: how to use sequential therapy to minimize drug resistance evolution?

Eva H. Stukenbrock

  • Local adaptation in plant-associated fungi

Olivia Roth

  • Parental investment, sex-role reversal and their genomic footprints

Daniel Unterweger

  • Bacteria-bacteria interactions in microbial communities
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