Prajwal V Bharadwaj is starting as a remote intern in our group. He will be working on "REPIN evolution in P. chlororaphis". Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus he will not be able to come to Plön. 


Christopher Böhmker is starting his internship today. He will be working on phage evolution.


Our paper on the "Parallel evolution of HIV-1 in a long-term experiment" just got accepted in Molecular Biology and Evolution. This was the result of a long term collaboration with Roland Regoes (ETH Zurich) and Karin Metzner (University Hospital Zurich). Time to celebrate!


Gamze Oezbay is starting her 3-month internship with us. She will be working on the evolution of REPINs in Pseudomonas chlororaphis.


Lavisha Parab is starting her 3-month internship with us. Together with Jordan she will evolve PhiX174 to infect resistant Escherichia coli C strains. 


"Repeated Phenotypic Evolution by Different Genetic Routes in Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25"  was published. The paper was the result of a project that was driven by Jenna Gallie and Paul Rainey. 


Welcome to Jordan, who just started his PhD on the evolution of PhiX174. 


Our Paper about the HIV fitness effects distribution was published in Virus Evolution! This work was the result of a fruitful collaboration with Eva Bons and Roland Regoes at the ETH Zurich.  


Mélissa Sontag is starting her 1 year Masters project with us. Welcome Mélissa!


Ayshan Aliyeva from the Jacobs University in Bremen started an internship with us. She will be mainly working on a phage evolution experiment. Welcome!

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