Workshop “Causes and Consequences of Inclusive Inheritance”

  • Beginn: 06.11.2019 13:00
  • Ende: 08.11.2019 12:30
  • Ort: MPI Plön
  • Raum: Hörsaal
  • Gastgeber: Britta Meyer (MPI, Plön), Miriam Liedvogel (MPI, Plön), Melanie Heckwolf (GEOMAR, Kiel) & Sandra Bouwhuis (Institute of Avian Research, Wilhelmshaven)
Workshop “Causes and Consequences of Inclusive Inheritance”

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Workshop Description

Parental effects occur when the phenotype of one or both parent(s) affects the phenotype of offspring beyond direct effects of genetic inheritance. Effects can be maladaptive, for instance when offspring lifespan and/or reproductive success are reduced because of transgenerational senescence, or adaptive, for example when parasite exposure of parents primes the immune responsiveness of offspring. From a mechanistic perspective, the question which processes underlie transgenerational inheritance remains open. Moreover, from an evolutionary point of view, the fitness consequences of transgenerational inheritance and its impact on adaptation to changing environments are also mostly unknown. In this workshop, we aim to discuss examples of transgenerational inheritance in natural populations of non-model organisms, potential mechanisms underlying such patterns, as well as its evolutionary underpinnings and consequences.

Confirmed speakers: Pat Monaghan (University of Glasgow, UK), Olivia Roth (GEOMAR Kiel, Germany), Virpi Lummaa (University of Turku, Finland), Bram Kuijper (University of Exeter, UK), Alexei Maklakov (University of East Anglia, UK), Eric Miska (University of Cambridge, UK), Frank Johannes (Technical University of Munich, Germany), and Tobias Uller (Lund University, Sweden).

Format: Plenary talks are scheduled for 30 min (25 + 5 min for questions), classic talks for 15 min (12 + 3 min for questions). Poster presenters are invited to give a 3 min flash talk at the start of the workshop to advertise their poster prior to the poster session.

Costs: We do not charge a registration fee. A limited number of travel grants will be available on a competitive basis. To apply, please explain your funding situation, indicate your motivation for joining the meeting and send your abstract and CV to

Registration: Abstract submission is open until April 30th, registration until October 21st. We will inform participants about the outcome of abstract selection by early June.

For registration and abstract submission, please use our website:

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