Gastgeber: Arne Traulsen

Geometric properties of spin models

Geometric properties of spin models

Division of labour and disease dynamics in clonal ant societies

Division of labour and disease dynamics in clonal ant societies

Claus Rüffler: Adaptive evolutionary diversification in multivariate trait spaces - methodological advances and a case study

Jens Christian Claussen: Boolean Network Analysis of microbial communities

Special Seminar - Michael Raatz: How consumers cope with nutritional (co-)limitation in variable environments

Bartlomiej Waclaw: The physics of drug resistance

Jubiläums-Festakt des MPI

Tobias Kaiser hält seinen Antrittsvortrag am MPI. [mehr]

Sergey Gavrilets: Collective action and the internalization of social norms

Symposium: Natural Selection is Ecology in Action

Anna-Liisa Laine: Ecology and evolution of co-infection

Abstract (auf Englisch): Co-infections by multiple pathogen strains are common in the wild. Theory predicts co-infections to have major consequences for both within- and between-host disease dynamics, but data are currently scarce. Here, we study co-infection dynamics of powdery mildew Podosphaera plantaginis in its host populations of Plantago lanceolata in the Åland Islands, SW Finland. We find coinfection to be common yet spatially structured in the wild. A common garden experiment showed that disease prevalence was higher in co-infected treatments both at the host genotype and population levels than in singly-infected treatments. Our experimental findings are confirmed in natural pathogen populations—more devastating epidemics were measured in populations with higher levels of co-infection. Moreover, populations supporting high levels of co-infection had higher pathogen survival between seasons, and genetic diversity is increased suggesting increased opportunities for outcrossing in the pathogen. Jointly, our results confirm the predictions made by theoretical and experimental studies for the potential of co-infection to alter disease dynamics across a large host–pathogen metapopulation. [mehr]

Cancer Evolution through Space and Time (CEST)

Der Workshop bringt Top-Wissenschaftler/innen aus den Bereichen der experiementellen und theoretischen Krebsforschung zusammen. Er ist organisiert von Arne Traulen (Max Planck Institute in Plön, Germany) und Alexander Anderson (Integrated Mathematical Oncology, Moffit Cancer Center, FL, USA). [mehr]
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