Workshop Theoretical Biology: extended registration

  • Date: Mar 22, 2016
  • Location: MPI Plön
  • Room: Lecture hall
  • Host: Julien Dutheil and Jorge Peña
Workshop Theoretical Biology: extended registration
extended registration: Interested researchers are still welcome to register by email to Ursula Krützfeldt ( This annual event wants to build a bridge between the disciplines of evolutionary biology and ecology to system biology and medicine. The goal is to provide a regional platform for scientists applying mathematical and computational methods to biological problems.
Invited speakers are:

Goekce Ayan (MPI Plön): Resource-dependent local adaptation in a predator-prey model

Gustavo Barroso (MPI Plön): Genome-wide investigation of eukaryotic transcriptional noise reveals the signature of selection at different levels of organization

Mathilde Cordellier (Universität Hamburg): Local adaptation and microevolution in Daphnia

Stefano Giaimo (MPI Plön): Evolution of juvenile and post-reproductive mortality: a frequency-dependent model

Bernhard Haubold (MPI Plön): Phylogenies from Complete Genomes

Karsten Keller (Universität Lübeck): Entropy in Data Analysis

Yuriy Pichugin (MPI Plön): Optimal fragmentation strategies and the evolution of life cycles

Oscar Puebla (GEOMAR Kiel): TBA

Eva Stukenbrock (CAU Kiel and MPI Plön): Genome-wide recombination landscapes and adaptation in fungal plant pathogens

Noemi Woltermann (MPI Plön): The shape of trade-offs for eco-evolutionary dynamics

Johannes Zimmermann (CAU Kiel): Spatial-temporal modeling of microbial communities

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