Dr. Jenna Gallie
Dr. Jenna Gallie
Research Group Leader

Phone: + 49 4522 763-234
Room: 110


13 December 2019: Jenna is excited to be giving a talk at Massey University (New Zealand) on the birth of tRNA genes!

11 October 2019: Gökçe runs a successful workshop on editing Wikipedia!

27 September 2019: Thank you to everyone who contributed to our stall "Bacteria of the Schöhsee" at the 2019 Eurpoean Researcher's Night!

16-27 September 2019: Thank you to members of the theory department for attending our new course "Methods in Evolutionary Biology: The Fluctuation Test". We enjoyed spending these two weeks with you!

19th August 2019: Jenna gives a talk on the evolution of tRNA genes at the ESEB 2019 (Turku, Finland).

9th July 2019: Anuradha Mukherjee presents a poster on biofilm formation at EMBL-EMBO Symposium on New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology (Heidelberg, Germany).

7th July 2019: Gökçe Ayan presents a poster on measuring mature tRNA pools in bacteria at the GRC for Microbial Population Biology (NH, USA).

27th June 2019: Welcome to our summer intern, Saul Pierotti!

12th June 2019: Dr Sophia Rudorf from MPI for Colloids and Interfaces (Potsdam) visits the group.

4th June 2019: Jenna presents a poster on the evolution of tRNA sets at the MPI workshop "Breathing Life into Chemistry".

April 2019: Congratulations to Gökçe Ayan on her election as a PostDoc representative at the institute!

Research Group Microbial Evolutionary Dynamics (Gallie)

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The Microbial Evolutionary Dynamics Research Group

The Microbial Evolutionary Dynamics Group investigates evolutionary principles using bacteria in the wet laboratory. Currently, most of our work focuses on the evolution of translation. More recently we have also been investigating genetic mechanisms underpinning long-term survival in bacteria.





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