Research Group Theoretical models of Eco-evolutionary Dynamics

Research Group Theoretical models of Eco-evolutionary Dynamics

Evolution proceeding at ecological time scales changes the way we approach traditional evolutionary dynamics.

We are interested in understanding the evolutionary change in interactions in the light of the ecology in which they take place.

The species of interest could be at any level of organisation, from chemical reactants to memes and interactions can take different forms (cooperation/competition, etc.) which can be considered to be one of the fundamental forces of evolution.

We aim at combining theoretical ecology and evolutionary biology to understand the complex eco-evolutionary trajectories. 

To do so, we need to invent new tools of analysis such as evolutionary games infused with ecology or population genetics with economics and analyse experimental systems with a broader perspective.

The toolkit draws heavily from theoretical biology, physics and mathematics with a focus on deterministic and stochastic processes, probability theory and computer simulations strongly connected to biological systems.

The in-house theory development provides applications in the field of evolutionary theory and social sciences such as host-parasite co-evolution, symbiosis, origins of multicellularity, social dilemmas, etc..

The group collaborates with theoreticians and with experimentalists working on various model systems from both plant and animal kingdoms, aims to cut across disciplines, galvanising ideas in eco-evolutionary dynamics.

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