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    Journal Article
    Streicker, D. G.; Winternitz, J. C.; Satterfield, D. A.; Condori-Condori, R. E.; Broos, A.; Tello, C.; Recuenco, S.; Velasco-Villa, A.; Altizer, S.; Valderrama, W.: Host–pathogen evolutionary signatures reveal dynamics and future invasions of vampire bat rabies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 (39), pp. 10927 - 10931 (2016)
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    Journal Article
    Winternitz, J. C.; Abbate, J. L.; Huchard, E.; Havlíček, J.; Garamszegi, L. Z.: Patterns of MHC-dependent mate selection in humans and non-human primates: a meta-analysis. Molecular Ecology, p. n/a - n/a (2016)
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