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    Journal Article
    Hebert, F. O.; Samonte, I.; Phelps, L.; Panchal, M.; Grambauer, S.; Barber, I.; Kalbe, M.; Landry, C. R.; Aubin-Horth, N.: Identification of candidate mimicry proteins involved in parasite-driven phenotypic changes. Parasites & Vectors 8 (225) (2015)
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    Journal Article
    Dierking, J.; Phelps, L.; Præbel, K.; Ramm, G.; Prigge, E.; Borcherding, J.; Brunke, M.; Eizaguirre, C.: Anthropogenic hybridization between endangered migratory and commercially harvested stationary whitefish taxa (Coregonus spp.). Evolutionary Applications 7 (9), 1083, p. 1068 (2014)
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