Open projects 2022

Open projects 2022

January 12, 2022

The following projects are offered within the graduate school this year. You will find details on the projects by clicking on the name of the PIs.


Frederic Bertels

  • Environmental trade-offs of phage infection

Jenna Gallie

  • The evolution of translation termination in bacteria

Chaitanya Gokhale

  • Co-evolutionary dynamics in the light of extended evolutionary synthesis

Anja Guenther

  • Causes and consequences of individual differences in cognition

Bernhard Haubold

  • Marker Development from Whole Genome

Linda Odenthal-Hesse

  • (Epi)genetic control of meiotic recombination Project 1
  • (Epi)genetic control of meiotic recombination Project 2

Arne Traulsen

  • Theoretical and Data-driven Modeling of Cancer evolution under Immunotherapy
  • Microbiomes as metacommunities: Feedbacks between host-associated and environmental microbial communities

Hildegard Uecker

  • Population genetic models for the interplay between CRISPR systems and plasmids in bacteria
  • Population genetics models of rapid adaptation to environmental change


Thomas Bosch

  • Functionality of microbial biogeography in health and disease: an evolutionary informed approach

Marc Bramkamp

  • Evolution of DNA-segregation machineries in prokaryotes

Thomas Roeder

  • Adapting to times of malnutrition - what is the price of it

Olivia Roth

  • Parental investment, sex-role reversal and their genomic footprints

Daniel Unterweger

  • Bacteria-bacteria interactions in microbial communities
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