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Nottmeier, C.; Liao, N.; Simon, A.; Decker, M.G.; Luther, J.; Schweizer, M.; Yorgan, T.; Kaucka, M.; Bockamp, E.; Kahl-Nieke, B. et al.; Amling, M.; Schinke, T.; Petersen, J.; Koehne, T.: Wnt1 promotes cementum and alveolar bone growth in a time-dependent manner. Journal of Dental Research 100 (13), S. 1501 - 1509 (2021)
Yaryhin, O.; Klembara, J.; Pichugin, Y.; Kaucka, M.; Werneburg, I.: Limb reduction in squamate reptiles correlates with the reduction of the chondrocranium: A case study on serpentiform anguids. Developmental Dynamics 250 (9), S. 1300 - 1317 (2021)
Bedoya-Reina, O. C.; Li, W.; Arceo, M.; Plescher, M.; Bullova, P.; Pui, H.; Kaucka, M.; Kharchenko, P.; Martinsson, T.; Holmberg, J. et al.; Adameyko, I.; Deng, Q.; Larsson, C.; Juhlin, C. C.; Kogner, P.; Schlisio, S.: Single-nuclei transcriptomes from human adrenal gland reveal distinct cellular identities of low and high-risk neuroblastoma tumors. Nature Communications 12, 5309 (2021)
Klimovich, A.; Giacomello, S.; Björklund, Å.; Faure, L.; Kaucka, M.; Giez, C.; Murillo-Rincon, A. P.; Matt, A.-S.; Willoweit-Ohl, D.; Crupi, G. et al.; de Anda, J.; Wong, G. C. L.; D{’}Amato, M.; Adameyko, I.; Bosch, T. C. G.: Prototypical pacemaker neurons interact with the resident microbiota. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117 (30), S. 17854 - 17863 (2020)
Murillo-Rincón, A. P.; Kaucka, M.: Insights into the complexity of craniofacial development from a cellular perspective. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 8, 620735 (2020)
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