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Journal Article
Fink, C.; Staubach, F.; Künzel, S.; Baines, J. F.; Roeder, T.: Noninvasive analysis of microbiome dynamics in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79 (22), pp. 6984 - 6988 (2013)
Journal Article
Staubach, F.; Baines, J. F.; Künzel, S.; Bik, E. M.; Petrov, D. A.: Host species and environmental effects on bacterial communities associated with Drosophila in the laboratory and in the natural environment. PLoS ONE 8 (8), e70749 (2013)
Journal Article
Staubach, F.; Lorenc, A.; Messer, P. W.; Tang, K.; Petrov, D. A.; Tautz, D.: Genome patterns of selection and introgression of haplotypes in natural populations of the house mouse (Mus musculus). PLoS Genetics 8 (8), e1002891 (2012)
Journal Article
Staubach, F.; Künzel, S.; Baines, A. C.; Yee, A.; McGee, B. M.; Bäckhed, F.; Baines, J. F.; Johnsen, J. M.: Expression of the blood-group-related glycosyltransferase B4galnt2 influences the intestinal microbiota in mice. ISME JOURNAL 6 (7), pp. 1345 - 1355 (2012)
Journal Article
Staubach, F.; Teschke, M.; Voolstra, C. R.; Wolf, J. B. W.; Tautz, D.: A test of the neutral model of expression change in natural populations of house mouse subspecies. Evolution 64 (2), pp. 549 - 560 (2010)
Journal Article
Heinen, T. J. A. J.; Staubach, F.; Häming, D.; Tautz, D.: Emergence of a new gene from an intergenic region. Current Biology 19 (18), pp. 1527 - 1531 (2009)
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