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Journal Article
Czuppon, P.; Rogers, D. W.: Evolution of mating types in finite populations: the precarious advantage of being rare. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 32 (11), pp. 1290 - 1299 (2019)
Journal Article
Remigi, P.; Ferguson, G. C.; McConnell, E.; De Monte, S.; Rogers, D. W.; Rainey, P. B.: Ribosome provisioning activates a bistable switch coupled to fast exit from stationary phase. Molecular Biology and Evolution 36 (5), pp. 1056 - 1070 (2019)
Journal Article
Rogers, D. W.; McConnell, E.; Ono, J.; Greig, D.: Spore-autonomous fluorescent protein expression identifies meiotic chromosome mis-segregation as the principal cause of hybrid sterility in yeast. PLoS Biology 16 (11), e2005066 (2018)
Journal Article
Rogers, D. W.; McConnell, E.; Miller, E. L.; Greig, D.: Diminishing returns on intragenic repeat number expansion in the production of signaling peptides. Molecular Biology and Evolution 34 (12), pp. 3176 - 3185 (2017)
Journal Article
Rogers, D. W.; Böttcher, M. A.; Traulsen, A.; Greig, D.: Ribosome reinitiation can explain length-dependent translation of messenger RNA. PLoS Computational Biology 13 (6), e1005592 (2017)
Journal Article
Rogers, D. W.; Denton, J. A.; McConnell, E.; Greig, D.: Experimental Evolution of Species Recognition. Current Biology 25 (13), pp. 1753 - 1758 (2015)
Journal Article
Ratcliff, W. C.; Fankhauser, J. D.; Rogers, D. W.; Greig, D.; Travisano, M.: Origins of multicellular evolvability in snowflake yeast. Nature Communications 6, 6102 (2015)
Journal Article
Shaw, W. R.; Teodori, E.; Mitchell, S. N.; Baldini, F.; Gabrieli, P.; Rogers, D. W.; Catteruccia, F.: Mating activates the heme peroxidase HPX15 in the sperm storage organ to ensure fertility in Anopheles gambiae. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (16), pp. 5854 - 5859 (2014)
Journal Article
Rogers, D. W.; McConnell, E.; Greig, D.: Molecular quantification of Saccharomyces cerevisiae α-pheromone secretion. FEMS Yeast Research 12 (6), pp. 668 - 674 (2012)
Journal Article
Baldini, F.; Gabrieli, P.; Rogers, D. W.; Catteruccia, F.: Function and composition of male accessory gland secretions in Anopheles gambiae: a comparison with other insect vectors of infectious diseases. Pathogens and Global Health 106 (2), pp. 82 - 93 (2012)
Journal Article
Mancini, E.; Baldini, F.; Tammaro, F.; Calzetta, M.; Serrao, A.; George, P.; Morlais, I.; Masiga, D.; Sharakhov, I. V.; Rogers, D. W. et al.; Catteruccia, F.; della Torre, A.: Molecular characterization and evolution of a gene family encoding male-specific reproductive proteins in the African malaria vector Anopheles gambiae. BMC Evolutionary Biology 11 (1), 292 (2011)
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