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Karen Bascon Cardozo
Ph.D. student
  • + 49 4522 763-0
Gillian Durieux
Ph.D. student
  • + 49 4522 763-335
Tania Garrido-Garduno
  • + 49 4522 763-265
Timo Hasselmann
Master student
Hannah Justen
Master student
  • + 49 4522 763-268
Dr. Miriam Liedvogel
Max Planck Research Group Leader
  • + 49 4522 763-225
  • +49 4522 763-281
Juan Sebastian Lugo Ramos
Ph.D. student
  • + 49 4522 763-265
Dr. Britta Meyer
  • + 49 4522 763-220

Lab Alumni

Kira Delmore: Postdoc (2015-2018) Demography, population structure and genetic variants associated with migratory behaviour in blackcaps (now Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University, US)

Hanna Koch: Postdoc (2017-2018) Genetic characterisation of the melanistic morph in European blackcaps (now Postdoctoral Fellow (DFG) at International Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration, US)

Hannah Justen: MSc Student (2016-2018) Clock gene polymorphism in Saxicola spp. across populations and migratory phenotypes (now PhD student at Texas A&M University, US)

Timo Hasselmann
: MSc Student (2016-2018) Parasite diversity across a migratory divide in European blackcaps (now PhD student at University of Cologne)

Benjamin Mark Van Doren: Honors thesis student (2014-2015) Conserved genomic landscapes of genetic diversity and divergence across an avian family (now DPhil student and Marshall Scholar at the Edward Grey Institute, University of Oxford, adjunct supervisor)

Nadine Thiele
: Research Assistant (2015-2017) De novo assembly and characterisation of the European robin genome (now PhD student at Oldenburg University).

Mayra Andrea Zamora Moreno
: Research Assistant (2015-2016)

Schraddha Lall
: WISE Fellowship (2017) (Sc-MSc dual degree third year Student IISER Pune, India).

Christina Nimke
: Research Technician Trainee (2017) Christina was honoured as best Research Trainee in Biology of Schleswig-Holstein (now at Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Tehrapy and Immunology IZI)

Plus many great intern students since our lab fledged in 2015!

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