Projects 2019

Projects 2019

The following projects are offered within the graduate school this year. Please feel free to contact any of the group leaders if you are interested in their proposed project(s). For further information on the projects, please click on the name of the group leader who is offering this project either above the project title or in the left column.

For further information on the research groups of interest, please click on the name of the respective group leader in the right column.


Frederic Bertels

  • The biological role of putative toxin-antitoxin systems in bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas

Julien Dutheil

  • New statistical models for the inference of cell-to-cell variance in gene expression - and their application to single-cell transcriptomes
  • New evolutionary models of the evolution of stochastic gene expression and their application to wild yeasts single-cell transcriptomes
  • Stochastic gene expression and evolution of gene network: a modeling approach

Chaitanya Gokhale

  • Co-evolutionary dynamics in the light of extended evolutionary synthesis
  • Theoretical Models of Synthetic Biology

Bernhard Haubold

  • Self-Similarity and Biological Function in Genome Sequences

Christian Hilbe

  • Evolution of cooperation and reciprocity in changing environments

Marketa Kaucka Petersen

  • Genetic and developmental basis of facial heterogeneity

Tobias Lenz

  • The evolutionary consequences of HLA-specific antigen presentation in infection, autoimmunity and cancer

Miriam Liedvogel

  • Migratory birds: understanding the (epi)genetic architecture of (1) migration  // and (2) aging

Javier Lopez Garrido

  • Evolution of sporulation cellular dynamics

Linda Odenthal-Hesse

  • Regulating factors of “default” recombination in gene promoters

Paul Rainey

  • Mathematical models of eco-evolutionary dynamics underpinning community function (joint project with Arne Traulsen)

Diethard Tautz

  • The role of environmental conditions for individual variation in behaviour and life history

Arne Traulsen

  • Evolutionary dynamics on networks

Hildegard Uecker

  • Population genetics models of rapid adaptation to environmental change
  • Mathematical models for the evolution of antibiotic resistance
  • Antibiotic resistance evolution: Evolution experiments & theoretical modeling (joint project with Hinrich Schulenburg)


Tal Dagan

  • Phylogenetic tree rooting and inference of lateral gene transfer

Christian Jung

  • Evolution of life cycle regimes in species of the plant family Amaranthaceae

Matthias Leippe

  • Evolution and function of digestive systems in marine metazoans: past, present, and future

Dietrich Ober

  • Repeated evolution of a plant defense strategy – insights in the evolutionary machinery

Thomas Roeder

  • The evolutionary basis of metabolic disorders? Understanding complex regulatory networks that control metabolic traits using the fruit fly as a model
  • Ancient ways to protect cells from premature death – how to deal with Parkinson’s disease and Diabetes
  • How does the brain-gut axis contribute to maintain intestinal homeostasis

Hinrich Schulenburg

  • Antibiotic resistance evolution: Evolution experiments & theoretical modeling (joint project with Hildegard Uecker)

Eva H. Stukenbrock

  • Evolution of selfish genetic elements in fungi
  • Elucidating crop-pathogen co-evolution by ancient DNA analysis (joint project with Almut Nebel)

Daniel Unterweger

  • Bacterial evolution during chronic disease


Ute Hentschel Humeida

  • Exploring innate immunity as the ancient mechanism for host-microbe interactions
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